Nina moyers

Executive Vice President

Nina Moyers, Executive Vice President was the second generation owner and manager of Arizona Pipeline Company. After 25 years as an integral member of the APL management teams, Nina was elected by the Board of Directors to fill the shoes of her father, Duane Moyers, who founded APL in 1979. Her goal as President was to continue the tradition of steady growth through bringing in projects on time and within budget.

Nina was born in 1955 in Downey, CA. At the age of 25, Nina became the fifth employee of APL joining her mother in the office. As the company expanded between 1980 and 1985, Nina became responsible for the operational side of the company. This included contract management and personnel oversight. In 1985, Nina was named Corporate Secretary. Oversight of the company’s risk management was added to her responsibilities. As head of Human Resources in 1991, Nina designed and implemented an anti-drug program. This proactive safety program has helped the company substantially reduce its accident record and loss of man hours worked over the last 13 years. A Certified AutoCad Designer, Nina created an additional division to the company making APL one of the leaders in one-stop design and installation for new, replacement and upgraded projects for their customers. A holder of the C-34 Pipeline Contractors License, from the company’s launch at the Moyers’ kitchen table to the President’s office, Nina has helped build the company into a major utility contractor in the Western United States.

Nina currently resides in Apple Valley, CA with her husband, Larry, along with kids and grandkids who live nearby. She is a member of the Heritage Foundation, the National Republican Party and the National Rifle Association. She is an avid reader who also enjoys gardening, her dogs and spending time with family and friends.