Kevin Senart

Vice President

Kevin joined Arizona Pipeline in October 1983 after being honorably discharged from the US Army and began his career in the underground construction industry as a laborer replacing gas lines. His hard work and dedication proved that he was worthy of advancement within the company and through the years was given the position of Hesperia Division Manager in 1997. After establishing himself as the Hesperia Division Manager he began to seek work outside of the High Desert area and has been successful in adding new gas replacement divisions in Las Vegas NV, Bullhead City AZ, Carson City, NV, and was successful in helping to establish our first SoCal Gas division in Southern California. Kevin has built a solid reputation over the years with all of the customers that he has worked with and is well respected and liked among people who work with and know him.

Kevin currently resides in Apple Valley, CA with his wife of 34 years Lisa. Together they have raised 4 successful children and now have 9 grandchildren that they enjoy spending time with. In his off time Kevin enjoys golfing, fishing, sporting events, and hiking.